Reading & District Dog Training Club

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Advanced Course

This is a fun course for graduates of our Intermediate Course who want to continue teaching their dogs new behaviours. It operates on a drop in basis with a cost of £2.50 per attendance and is held in the Linear Hall at Beansheaf Community Centre from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. on Fridays.

We provide a booklet with 'trick' behaviours to work on. Some are more serious like a 2 min off lead stay with the owner out of sight, while others are a bit wacky like balancing a treat on your dog's nose and having him flick it up and catch it.

Each week you can be tested on two new behaviours if you want and every behaviour passed counts towards your next award level. The awards are given for each 10 tricks you complete.

There is also time each week for the instructor to teach and for you to recieve help where needed.

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Oscar,Rowan and Bramley proudly showing off their awards.

Oscar has a special story to tell - Oscar was diagnosed with early Canine Dementia after he was starting to get confused about things and being increasingly vocal. We had previously trained with RDDTC but had not been for a number of years. To keep his mind and body active as well as lowering his stress levels we came back to classes to try and teach an old dog new tricks! We've both benefited hugely from the classes and through positive and understanding training Oscar has learnt a variety of new things to prove you most definitely can and should teach an old dog new tricks! He particularly loves learning things that involve his paws and nose.